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Gospel Bible Songs is the first album of the Cedarmont Kids Gospel series released in January 9, 2000 with seventeen classic gospel-style Songs. It is the only Gospel series to have a video.


Cast Members[]

  1. Megan Broadstreet
  2. Daniel and Darius Cal
  3. Marty Gay (age 9)
  4. Robert Gay (age 11)
  5. Jasmine and JerWayne Gunn
  6. Ami Hines
  7. Tiffany Hernandez
  8. Jessica and Tucker Knox
  9. Jessica (age 12) and Josephine Moore (age 10)
  10. Tiah Mustin
  11. Tosha Schmidt
  12. Uriah and Zylah Solis
  13. Andrew Thompson
  14. Joseph and Stephen White
  15. Briana Willis

Support Cast[]

  • Alana Bryant
  • Thobe Fauver
  • Benjamin and Will Greene
  • Chelsea, Shonda, Tiffany and Chris Hooper
  • Andrew, Cory, Lexy, Satedra, Shaquawn, Tate and Todd Mustin
  • Shelby St. Arnold
  • Eddy, Johnny, Joshua and Paul Warren
  • Allison and Lauren Wilcox


  1. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel (with a trio)
  2. This Little Light Of Mine
  3. Rocka My Soul (feat. Andrew Thompson)
  4. I Want To Be Ready (feat. Jerwayne Gunn, Darius Cal and Tosha Schmidt)
  5. Do Lord, Remember Me (feat. Jerwayne gunn, Tosha Schmidt and Tiah Mustin)
  6. Wade in the Water feat. Andrew Thompson
  7. Get on Board (feat. Jerwayne Gunn, Tiah Mustin and LaJoy Gaines)
  8. I Shall Not Be Moved
  9. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  10. Lord I Want to Be A Christian (with a solo by LaJoy Gaines)
  11. The B-I-B-L-E
  12. Were You There?
  13. I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N
  14. Jesus Loves Me
  15. Children, Jesus Loves You
  16. Down By the Riverside
  17. Little David, Play On Your Harp

Adult Extras[]

  1. Dale Cal
  2. Twila Greene
  3. Roy and Irene Martin
  4. LaSonya Thompson


  • JerWayne Gunn first appears in the two video series as he replaces John Lundquist who got ill.
  • This is the only Gospel album to have a Spanish version.